Warrior pose

The Way of the Goddess: My vows to serve the Goddess in the role of priestess has connected to me to Source enabling me to act as an Oracle. The Ancestors surrounds all and awaits the call from you to ask for assistance. I have been trained in several traditions, All paths flow into one, and my journey continues to evolve. An intuitive consult aids one in finding the path that resonates with their soul. Teachings are merely offered to open ones understanding. I honor all traditions, and work in balance with both aspects of The Divine. I am adept in a variety of mediums. pendulum work, oracle cards, guided meditation, just to name a few. All are used as tools to help facilitate the access of information stored on a subconscious level, assisting in the finding of needed answers. My herbal studies have led me to specialize in herbal “remedies” and aromatherapy.


Sacred Journey: A souls journey on this plain of existence is marked by a series of “rights of passages” Birth, adolescence, marriage, and childbirth are all sacred rites of passage. Death is also a rite of passage. I seek to bring the ceremonial aspect of the dying process to the forefront again thru my role as a Transitional Doula. Grief is a natural part of the process and although I do not provide grief counseling at this time, I can provide support in assisting you in finding the right tools for you. [More information about my role as a Transitional Doula coming soon].


Divinity (Ananda) *Priestess/Oracle of The Ancestors *Spiritual Coach * Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho *Womens’ Group Facilitator *Womb-Chantress Creatrix *Transitional Doula *Soultrapreneur