About: The Divinity of Ananda

I invite

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you to close your eyes for a spell. Now, how do you imagine your life 5 years from now? How about 10?

No, really take a few minutes to let your mind wander.

How did it feel to do this exercise?

If you answered, “It felt exhilarating!”,  or “It made me happy and tingly all over!”

If you felt differently than  the statements above, that’s ok!

This is where we shall begin our journey….

My name  is Ananda, and it is a pleasure to serve you. My intention for you is to allow yourself to fully take advantage of  living your life per your design. Not anyone else’s, only yours. Ask yourself this question, “Am I living my life by accident, or am I actively and intuitively  living life the way that I would want?”

Is there uncertainty in your  answer?

What is it like to have a consult with me? :

Innately, from a very early age, we feel that we are placed here for a reason, a purpose bigger than ourselves. We may imagine how this “larger than life” assignment would  look when  activated within our lives, or we may not even know what  that purpose may be. When sitting in counsel, you are placed in the seat of power. This is where we begin. You cannot unlock the door to the life that you are wanting without being in a place of power from the start. I act as facilitator, I take this journey with you acting as a soundboard, assisting you with tools that are tailored to your specific need. You are navigated on your journey of success with me as a copilot. And when you gain the tools that lift you to where you wanna be, I would be honored to see you take flight on wings of courage, strength, and dedication.

Let’s connect so that you can gain clarity in what living life by design can look like for you!